Ultra Low Profile Integral Blinds

The worlds lowest profile integral blinds... for when your view is important to you...

Ultra Slim venetian slats...

Swiftglide Integral blinds are not only a practical & long lasting daylight and privacy control innovation but are, with our unique fully dressed perimeter so smart to look at, so much so, that everyone in the Glass & Integral Blind industry wishes they thought of them first.

With slats less than 0.9mm thick and only the slightest of cambers (degree of curve) necessary our SwiftGlide Ultra Slim range represents the lowest profile integral blind system available anywhere.

Integral Blinds whilst within your view but not obstructing your view

Take a look at the photo on the above... notice how discrete the blinds actually are even though they are fully lowered.

They are so low profile that they become barely visible as the eye focuses beyond them to the view beyond. This is why so many people buy our unique SwiftGlide Ultra system... because they believe like us that integral blinds should be there but not seen even when lowered.

Large choice of manual and automated control options

Whatever your preference or project requirements we are certain to have the ideal control systems for your project whether it is a manual control you have in mind or a more convenient automated remote control system.

Affordable and Convenient Manual Control Options

Our single magnet control system with fully offset symmetry is the ideal system for many projects. Unique in the world of integral blinds for its optimal sightline saving design that gives you more view, more light with rapid raise and lower efficient single control.

Solar Lithium Recharge Battery System

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Fully Hard Wired 24volt Automated System

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